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Specification - Long Form


(Note to specifier: The TS100 Wall System more closely resembles a generic wall panel than it does a traditional stone panel and is usually installed by different tradesmen - carpenters, glaziers, ironworkers. This specification could be included in Section 07400 (Wall Panel). If the project includes traditional stone it should be placed in Section 04400(Stone). This spec is written for granite panels but the stones could be be marble or limestone).


1.01   WORK INCLUDED:   Furnish all labor, material, and equipment to complete the installation of the TS100 Wall Cladding System as shown on drawings and herein specified. Installation shall include all aluminum anchors, clips, angles and other devices for secure anchorage of panels to structure or substructure provided for this purpose.


A.  Section _______________ Substructure
B.  Section _______________ Sealants


A.  The system consists of veneer panel 3/8" (9.5mm) Thin Reinforced Granite with an extruded aluminum framing system shop-applied to the back of the veneer panel.

B.  The system shall incorporate a positive mechanical attachment connecting the stone veneer to the frame as well as a structural silicone adhesion.

C.  The anchorage system shall be designed so that the panels are secure yet free to accommodate expansion and contraction, and that individual panels may be installed or removed without disturbing adjacent panels.

D.  Structural requirements - system shall meet or exceed the following as demonstrated by calculations or testing:
1.  Wind loads - design system to withstand design wind loads of _______ psf positive and negative pressure (value set by local codes or by Architect).

2.  Factors of safety - system shall be designed to sustain without damage a proof load of 2.0 times design wind loads when tested in accordance with ASTM E330.

3.  Deflection limits as design loads - panel framing and substrate shall be designed to limit deflection of panel to L/200 or less.

4.  Thermal movement - provide for expansion or contraction of component materials due to exterior ambient temperature ranging from _____F to _____F.
E.  Air infiltration - not more than 0.06 cfm psf when tested at 6.24 psf positive static air pressure differential in accordance with ASTM E283.

F.  Water leakage - no leakage when tested at 15.0 psf positive static air pressure differential in accordance with ASTM E331.

G.  Fire Performance - panel shall have the following surface burning characteristics when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 (tunnel test):
Flame Spread---------0
Smoke Developed----0
1.04   QUALITY ASSURANCE:  The products herein specified establish the standard of quality for the wall cladding system. Proposal for the substitution of products not conforming to these specifications must be submitted at least 10 days prior to bid date and accepted by addendum prior to bid.


A.  A complete shop drawings shall be submitted by supplier for approval prior to fabrication including elevations and sections of each condition. Shop drawings shall also serve as field installation drawings and be complete with specific instructions for the application of anchors, clips, etc. as necessary to correctly install panels.

B.  Certification of independent laboratory testing assuring compliance with building codes for structural performance, flame spread and smoke contribution, air and water infiltration.


A.  Deliver panels packaged and adequately protected from damage during shipping.
B.  General Contractor shall provide a protected storage area for material on site.
C.  Protect panels from adverse job conditions prior to installation and from other trades after installation.


A.  Panel fabricator shall issue a limited five (5) year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
B.  When applicable, supplier shall provide a twenty (20) year limited warranty against failure of the structural silicone used in the assembly of the panel.


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A.  Type Granite - type and color shall be as selected by Architect and shall meet requirements of ASTM C615. Finish as selected by Architect.

B.  Wall panel fascia - Thin Reinforced Granite is a thin sheet of natural granite 3/8" (9.5mm) thick which is reinforced by high strength glass fiber nettings bonded to the stone by epoxy in a vacuum induced impregnation process.

C.  Thin Reinforced Granite - product characteristics:

Weight 5 lbs./sq. ft.
Thickness 3/8" calibrated + 1/32"
Flammability - surface burning characteristics: Flame Spread--------0
Smoke Developed---0
Delamination ASTM C297
Flatwise tensile strength 553 psi avg.
Flexural Strength ASTM C880
Granite in compression 9045 psi avg.
Granite in tension 2417 psi avg.
ASTM minimum requirement 1200 psi avg.
Allowable deflection L/200
Toxicity: NYS Modified University of Pittsburg Protocol Result - no more toxic than wood


A. The TS100 Exterior Wall Cladding System by Thin Stone Systems, Inc. consists of various extruded aluminum shapes which perform as perimeter frames, stiffeners, corner angle supports, and mating clips and anchors which attach the framed panels to the structure. The frames and stiffeners are shop-applied to the Thin Reinforced Granite fascia panels using both mechanical and adhesion methods and shall meet structural requirements set forth herein.

B. The shop-applied mechanical attachment between the stone fascia and the aluminum frame is accomplished byconnecting the frame to an expansion type self-locking insert set into the back face of the stone fascia panel.

C. The adhesive attachment is accomplished with Dow Corning No. 795 Structural Silicone used in continuous 1/4" x 1/4" double beads along all perimeter frames and intermediate stiffeners.

D. Extruded aluminum frames, stiffeners, and support members shall be 6105-T6 alloy. Aluminum in contact with structural silicone shall have alodyne finish.

2.04   WEATHERSEAL:  Wherever touching the granite fascia, the weatherseal caulking shall be Dow Corning No. 795 silicone applied according to manufacturers instructions. Color to be selected by the Architect. Any substitution must be certified to be non-staining to natural granite and must be approved by the Architect.


A.  Comply with dimensions, profiles, gauges, and details shown on approved shop drawings.
B.  Fabricate and assemble components of system in shop ready for field installation.
C.  Fabricate components and assemble units to comply with performance requirements specified.

3.01   INSTALLATION AND ERECTION:  Install the TS100 Wall Panels, clips, anchors, and related items in accordance with approved shop-erection drawings and manufacturers basic specification. Panels shall be installed by approved erectors who are experienced in the installation of wall panels of similar nature.

3.02   DAMAGED MATERIAL:  Fabricator shall supply or replace any damaged material prior to erection if damage is caused by fabricator. General Contractor shall be responsible for protection of completed or installed material from all other trades.

3.03   DISSIMILAR MATERIAL:  Aluminum contacting steel (except stainless steel) concrete, masonry, treated wood and the like shall have contact surfaces separated by a heavy coat of zinc rich primer, bituminous paint, or by non-absorptive tape.


A.  Panel installer shall clean panel surfaces during the course of panel installation.
B.  General Constractor shall be responsible for final cleaning of panel surfaces at project completion.

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