"A Subsidiary of Stone Truss, Inc."

23-0 Commerce Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Melville Office Building - 1993

Denver Int'l Airport - 1995

Brooks Brothers - 1998

Wyndham Building - 2009


THIN STONE SYSTEMS, LLC and its patented TS100 Wall System are continuation of a company formed in 1980 named Marble Technics Ltd. That company was a wholly owned subsidiary of an Italian stone company named Tecnomaiera SpA of Turin, Italy. Tecnomaiera was the first inventor and developer of the revolutionary technological process referred to in these documents as "thin reinforced stone" and this product was brought to market in 1990. The dramatic achievement of this technology was the ability to produce full size slabs of stone only 3/8" thick that are strong enough to be utilized in many different ways in the marketplace.

The task of Marble Technics was to find the means to introduce this remarkable new product into the USA market. This was successfully accomplished and the highlight of this effort was the $7,500,000 contract in the early 90's for the elaborately designed 360,000 sq ft of flooring for the new Denver International Airport, and for 15 years this installation has been a dramatic testament to the structural capabilities of the thin reinforced stone product. During this period sensing a very large potential market, FRANCIS COX, began to develop a wall system to enable the use of the "thin reinforced stone" product for exterior cladding as well as interior wall paneling. Utilizing techniques of the aluminum panel wall industry and the glass curtain wall industry, a system was developed and engineered for installing the thin reinforced stone as exterior cladding. Marble Technics was able to obtain contracts and complete a number of successful exterior cladding projects in the mid 90's thus confirming the viability of the wall system.

At this point, in the mid 90's during the European recession, Tecnomaiera, the Italian parent of Marble Technics, developed severe financial difficulties and eventually went into bankruptcy and liquidation leaving Marble Technics in a precarious situation, as Tecnomaiera was its sole source of product. Marble Technics was able to continue for a short period of time and to complete some of its active projects but without its source of product, Marble Technics was forced to close in 1998 and the wall system technology, which had been successfully used in a number of projects, went into hibernation.

In 2001, a new and independently owned company, Thin Stone Systems, Inc., was formed and the same original management team re-assembled with the objective of continuing the work that had been interrupted by the closing of Marble Technics. That new company was acquired in 2004 by Stone Truss Systems, Inc., of Fairfield New Jersey and re-named THIN STONE SYSTEMS, LLC. Improvements and further developments have been made on the original wall system and a patent application was submitted to the US Patent Office covering the unique features of the wall system and US Patent No. 7,096,629 was awarded in 2006. The TS100 Wall System and its components have been fully tested. A summary of the tests is included in the PRODUCT AND TEST DATA section.

Because of its zero flame spread rating and predictable structural characteristics, the TS100 Wall System can meet requirements of all national building codes. The City of New York has accepted the thin reinforced stone panel for unrestricted use in exterior cladding.

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